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FOCAL POINT #1: Engage brothers to believe

Engagement is the foundation that supports our growth, and belief is the generator that powers our development. Without these two key components, we would live a very stagnant life. The simple actions we engage with on a daily basis - from the exchanging of ideas among leaders, the socializing between friends, and the conversations we have with ourselves - have such a profound effect on our mindset. This, in turn, affects our beliefs, level of engagement, and overall growth. Without helping our members develop a "growth mindset", how can we expect our students to truly strive for the highest?

As VPSA, my first priority is to ensure that there are consistent and meaningful opportunities for Brothers to engage with one another, the fraternity's work, and their own growth. I will work with our National Council to create a culture of engagement that focuses on helping Brothers develop a "growth mindset". I will also work with the Communications Committee to develop an editorial calendar that focuses on the engagement model developed by the Temkin Group: Inform, Inspire, Instruct, Involve, and Incentivize. This calendar will allow the committee to curate content for the KKPsi Podcast, Youtube channel, and social media platforms in a consistent and well-rounded manner. Lastly, I will work with members of the national leadership team to develop webinars/videos/content that will facilitate with our member's fraternal activities (i.e. 5 Ways to Improve your Chapter Marketing, the Do's and Don'ts of Recruitment, etc.). 


  • Work with National Council to create consistent opportunities for members to engage with one another, the fraternity's work, and their own personal growth.

  • Work with the National Communications Committee to develop an editorial calendar that features content for our podcast series, Youtube, channel, and social media platforms.

  • Work with members of national leadership to develop content for members to use throughout the year.


  • Effective Marketing

  • Recruitment Training

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Stress Management

  • Goal Setting for Long Breaks

  • Diversity Awareness

  • Brotherhood & Social Planning

  • Social Wellness

  • Spiritual Wellness

  • Environmental Wellness

  • Financial Wellness

  • Physical Wellness

  • Intellectual Wellness

  • Emotional Wellness



Being fully-equipped with the right tools, resources, and plan to effectively lead is pertinent to our growth. Without these essential assets, our members and fraternity will grow stagnant. In my years of experience, I often hear about people's passion points and the desire to lead "with purpose." These conversations, however, often lack one key component: a thoughtful plan. I define this as a model or system that is well-thought out so others can easily grasp it, yet flexible so people can easily adapt it to their own vision. Having passion simply isn't enough. We must also have a thoughtful plan in order to lead with purpose. I have learned that a major component of this plan is moving beyond simply providing the tools and resources. More specifically, we need to continue to refine our plan to help our members become better equipped to lead through our programs, tools, and resources. 

As VPSA, my second focus is to work with the National Council to ensure that there is proper training, guidance, opportunities to lead, and access to feedback for improvement. The goal is to encourage our Brothers to lead through tools and resources that have been developed for our membership. It's simply not enough to have the tools - Brothers need to be trained and guided through these programs. As VPSA, I will work with the Student Advisory Committee to develop content to train our members on our current tools and resources. I will also work to provide feedback not only to the Active membership but also to the national leadership on how to improve our resources via the developing focus groups which will purposefully test our tools and resources and provide feedback to the National Council. The Student Advisory Committee and I will meet throughout the year to ensure that we are fully equipping our Brothers to lead by focusing on the following: Tools, Resources, Connections, Opportunities, and Feedback.


  • Work with National Council to ensure that there is proper training, guidance, opportunities to lead, and access to feedback for improvement. 

  • Work with the Student Advisory Committee to develop content to train our members on current tools and resources.

  • Develop focus groups that will test out tools and resources and provide feedback for the National Council and Student Advisory Committee.


  • OMRS Forms (with the assistance of National Headquarters staff)

  • Chapter Officer Resources (with the assistance of National Leadership)

  • Road to Wisdom (with the assistance of National Curriculum Committee)

  • Founders' Circle Leadership Development (with the assistance of National Leadership)

  • Scholarships/Grants/Awards (with the assistance of National Vice President for Programs)



The final focal point of my vision for VPSA is to empower Brothers to succeed. Without the empowerment of our members to reach their goals, we are not fully reaching our commitment to promote growth and development, nor are we truly "Striving for the Highest." The word "empower" is generally defined as "the act of encouraging and supporting the ability to do something." I understand it as helping someone to discover their power and define what success looks like to them. As VPSA, I will work to not only represent our members but also serve as an advocate for our Brothers on they continue on their journeys of growth and development. I will proactively communicate and collaborate with the National Council, Curriculum Committee, Student Advisory Committee, Communications Committee, and Alumni Association Board of Directors to promote the empowerment of our Brothers. 

As a Life member and advocate of this Brotherhood, my overall goal is quite simple - to facilitate the growth and development of our members and Fraternity more broadly. The big question is "how?" My plan as VPSA is to focus on doing more with less. With so many moving components, we can often get lost in the operational side of our activities and forget about why we do what we do. Through this vision of ENGAGE • EQUIP • EMPOWER, I will work with the National Council to ensure clarity to the VPSA role through a communications plan that is constructive, conscious, and consistent. I will also work with the National Committee to utilize quarterly (every three months) feedback forms to gather feedback from our Active members. Lastly, I will host regular VPSA webchats with Active members that are focused on a key topic. The Student Advisory Committee will help determine these topics based on the feedback we receive each quarter. When we are proactive with our communication and focused on growth, we help our members discover their personal power as a member of this Fraternity. This is what my third focal point is all about: helping our members take ownership of their own personal growth and to define what success looks like for each of us. 


  • Work with National Council to ensure clarity to the VPSA role through a communications plan.

  • Work with National Council to collect feedback from Active members each quarter (every three months).

  • Host VPSA webchats regularly with the help of the Student Advisory Committee.


  • Send out feedback form once a quarter or every three months (Oct. 2019, Jan. 2020, Apr. 2020, and July 2020).

  • Host VPSA webchats every other month or once a quarter.

  • Send out Student Advisory and National Council meeting minutes once a month

  • Communication Committee sends out bimonthly discussion topics on social media accounts.