‘First 100 Days’ Plan


Phase 1

(Day 1 - 30)

  • Transition Meeting with previous VPSA to go over report and charges.

  • Meet with each National Council member to discuss their plans/goals.

  • Meet with National President to establish Communications Committee.

  • Introductory Meeting with Student Advisory Committee to go over their goals and vision for the school year.

  • Start developing editorial calendar for August (focus on band camp and chapter recruitment).

  • Schedule reminders for Chapter Personnel Report, Dues, and MC Registration deadlines.

Phase 2

(Day 31 - 60)

  • Schedule 1st VPSA video (focus on introduction and tips to starting off the year strong). The goal is to have this video finalized and posted by August 19.

  • Finalize members for the Communications Committee.

  • Schedule 1st meeting for Communications Committee.

  • Finalize walkthrough video for Chapter Officers to complete the Chapter Personnel Report (due Sept. 30/Oct. 15).

  • Send out form to all Active Brothers to obtain some more details and see what they would like to see from the National Council. Sort of like a feedback form but students will also need to add details about their chapters (I.e. when they usually do 3rd Degree, what they think their band programs need the most, etc.).

  • Schedule reminders for Chapter Personnel Report, Dues, and MC Registration deadlines.

Phase 3

(Day 61 - 90)

  • Host VPSA Chat (focused on Chapter Personnel Report). Ideally would like to do this on Sept. 16 (2 weeks before deadline).

  • Hold 1st meeting for Communications Committee to go over goals and start defining roles. I would like to see specific leads and then break the committee into smaller committees that will go over past two years of posts, to start drafting images and messages, and to start crafting an editorial calendar.

  • Start working on ‘Social Ambassador’ Program.

  • Star working on social media highlight or photo winner for each month.

  • Start working on Instagram takeover days using a sign-up form.

Phase 4

(Day 91 - 100)

  • Send out feedback forms to the Student Advisory Committee and Communications Committee to assess how the past 90 days have gone.

  • Use feedback to create clear list of achievements, suggestions, and focus points.

  • Use list to draft a plan for the next 100 days (October 29, 2019 - February 5, 2020).

  • Discuss plan with National Council, Student Advisory Committee, and Communications Committee.