Dave C. Woodley

Director of Athletic Bands & Professor of Music at Indiana University

“Bang has proven to be one of the most dedicated and loyal band members we have had at IU. He played piccolo in various Athletic Bands at IU, was Drum Major of the 300-member Marching Hundred, and was an active office-holder in AZ, and was a person who volunteered for every extra gig the bands had.

After graduation, Bang remained very active in both KKP and our Alumni Band program. He is a frequent visitor to our Marching Hundred rehearsals, and is active on all platforms of social media for the alumni. As a Marching Hundred Alumni Band board member, Bang has made significant strides in recruiting freshly graduated band members to stay active in our band functions.”

Dr. Doug Keiser

Associate Professor of Music at Indiana State University

“While Bang is an active and visible leader in many areas, some things that set him apart from other leaders are his commitment, organization, technology skills, demeanor, and humility. Bang is most comfortable serving and behind the scenes when appropriate, letting the recognition come to others and the organization he serves. However, he is not afraid to take charge of a situation, but only by using thorough preparation, successful team building, and a strong ability to communicate in a highly positive manner. He balances a remarkably energetic and positive approach with a great sense of humor and a determination to get things accomplished. The result is a unique individual and leader, one who attracts others and inspires them through his distinctive personality and combination of skills.”

Jason Filer

North Central District President (2018-2019)

“Bang’s vision for this position is to empower Brothers. He accomplishes this by allowing individuals to take ownership of what they are passionate about in order to grow. I strongly believe Bang will be able to facilitate this growth. He is willing to devote his time and energy to engaging the Brotherhood in order to equip them with the tools they need to be successful. I find he has ambitious goals that not only give the opportunity for Brothers to be engaged, but also challenge the process so the fraternity can evolve to the needs and interests of all Brothers. This can be seen from his planned webinars, quarterly feedbacks forms, and the intended direction of the Student Advisory Committee.”

Elizabeth Sanders

Keller Williams Indy Metro South Team Leader & CEO

“I truly have enjoyed my time working with Bang and came to know him as an indispensable and valuable member for our company and leadership team. He is an energetic, passionate, and true example of excellent leadership. Beyond that, he is simply great with people and understands the lost art of listening to understand others. His knowledge of leadership and experience with coaching was a huge advantage to our company as we are the largest training and consulting company in the world. He puts his leadership and communication skillsets to work in order to improve the quality of our training workshops, webinars, and overall professional experience.”

Michele J. Johns

Indiana University Marching Hundred Alumni Band - Board of Directors President

“In Bang’s year on the MHAC Board, he agreed to serve as chair of the Liaison Committee, i.e. the group that does outreach to the collegiate band. In the past we had only one event during band camp. Bang seized the moment and planned alumni supported activities for each day or night of band camp and arranged for alumni volunteers to be present to meet and great as well as to supply food and drinks for the collegiate band. Bang has continued with this work and we have significantly increased the alumni exposure to the collegiate band, resulting in an increase of young alumni becoming actively engaged in our organization. Bang also has amazing social media skills. While we were good at traditional platforms like Facebook and a website, Bang set to work on creating a MHAC presence on other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, again increasing the number of MH Alumni that now receive information and outreach from our group, and thus improving alumni involvement and engagement. Our Alumni Band also provides “performance opportunities” by playing at IU Alumni weddings, graduation parties and other events as a fundraising effort. Bang has graciously donated his time to help both organize and play in those performances. As the MHAC is a multi-generational group, from time to time we encounter situations where generational differences create challenges. Bang has utilized his impressive interpersonal skills to mediate and resolve issues with grace and respect.”

Rhonda Smith

Keller Williams Indy Metro South Operating Principal & Co-Owner

“Bang started his real estate career with us fresh out of school over two years ago. He brought with him a solid understanding of communication methods and teamwork, along with great energy and enthusiasm. He introduced several new projects that are now a part of our company, including a new leadership position that focuses on sharing our agents’ stories with our local community, a revamped social media/communications plan, and an organized sponsorship program that resulted in over $5,000 for our events and workshops. Bang also is working on developing our internship program, which will help us build stronger relationships with our local colleges and universities. Bang brings exciting new ideas to life; I’m confident that he will continue his momentum as your next National Vice President for Student Affairs.

Bang is charismatic and passionate, and he thinks outside the box. He has shown excellent management skills and developed a rapport with our agents and clients that is characterized by mutual respect. At the end of last year, I had a couple agents come to me specifically to praise Bang’s work ethic and the impact he's had on our office. Beyond his strengths as a leader, Bang’s also a talented planner and has taken lead on most of our curriculum and event planning.”

Kate Rohrich

Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association Communications Director

“One of Bang’s greatest qualities is his ability to empower other leaders, which is just one of the reasons he would be great in the VPSA role. It is not just what he wants to achieve, but how he can help others achieve their goals as well. And when working directly with student leadership, he will undoubtedly be able to guide them toward their own success.

Bang’s experience and drive to positively impact the Fraternity sets him apart amongst many qualified candidates. I have no doubt that he would be an extraordinary member of the National Council and work tirelessly to help and advance the active membership and the Fraternity as a whole.”